Vivian Blair

Vivian Blair has spent 25 years as a successful social entrepreneur, working in both Mexico and around the world to promote peace and social justice. She has been a teacher, a trainer and now a facilitator in the Art of Spiritual Paecemaking. Vivian currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Achieve Global‘s branches in Mexico, Central America, Columbia, and Venezuela,

Vivian has been working with her beloved mother, Kathryn S. Blair, on the various creative projects that have arisen out of the success of her most popular book, In the Shadow of the Angel. As a seasoned networker and project manager, Vivian has taken on the promotion of her mother’s works through the emerging field of internet marketing.  Vivian is devoted to Kathryn’s dream of educating the world about Mexico’s rich history and continues to be inspired by both her parents to carry out her mission in the service of others.