Tina Modotti

From the New Edition of In the Shadow of the Angel:

Diego sat at the wooden work table opposite a young woman in a cloche hat.  Nearby, Tina Modotti was focusing her Graflex, preparing to take their picture.  Tina had come to Mexico from Hollywood with a photographer named Edward Weston, as his model, lover, and student.  Antonieta recognized her well-formed body in the flying nude.  Tina had long left Weston, and become Diego’s favorite model, inciting Lupe to fits of violence. Antonieta had first met her at the Secretariat of Education. There was a mystery about the attractive Italian photographer, an air of innocence, of refinement and something introverted, in spite of her reputation as a femme fatale.  A reserve stood between them, yet there was respect. Tina was a dedicated Communist.

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