Francisco Madero

From the New Edition of In the Shadow of the Angel:

“Look here, Eduardo, what do you know about this anti-re-electionist fellow, Madero?  I heard at the Jockey Club that he has a formidable following.”

“He is the candidate of a legally constituted party. He is a wealthy landowner, an idealist, a defender of the underdog. His little book, “The Presidential Succession” seems to have stripped the veneer off Díaz’ tight little cadre of  Científicos.

Limantour and the inner circle are jockeying for position, some actually going over to Madero’s side.”  Villagrande took his glasses off the top of his head and put them on.  He looked up at Beto. “You know all that.  What do you really want to know?”

“Will Madero fight?”

Villagrande pursed his lips.  “Madero stands for free elections and peaceful transference of power. The man is a rich landowner. He doesn’t have the stomach for revolution.  And if he did, the damned Yankees wouldn’t allow it!  I have reached the sad conclusion, my friend, that it will be elections as usual in July.”

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