Clemente Orozco

From the New Edition on In the Shadow of the Angel:

Every eye turned to look as Antonieta entered Monotes,popular cafe frequented by artists and the young bohemian crowd.  The owner was the brother of the painter, Clemente Orozco, and tacked on the walls were dozens of his brutally satirical drawings and caricatures from the world of drunkards and prostitutes.

Clemente Orozco's "The Trench"

Clemente depicted the Revolution as it really was, Antonieta thought, not the fantasy which Diego saw. For a pittance, one could remove the tack and carry off his pictures.

The proprietor greeted her effusively.

“How is Clemente?” she asked, extending her hand.

“Still painting gigantic murals in Guadalajara, Señora.”

Orozco had left for Guadalajara at the invitation of Governor Zuno, a socialist who sheltered the Red artists’ syndicate.  “Please ask him to call me when he comes to the city.  I miss him,” Antonieta said.

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