New English Edition: In The Shadow of the Angel

ShadowOftheAngelThis new edition of In the Shadow of the Angel will give you a look into the private life of a powerful, forward-thinking woman in male dominated, turbulent Mexico…

The only suicide ever committed inside the Notre Dame Cathedral in 1931 brought to an end the dramatic life of this amazing woman.

Decades ahead of her time, she had dreamed of creating an educated Mexico immersed in the new world culture and the Arts, as the tumultuous Revolution left Mexico 25 years behind Europe and the United States.

This book traces the life of Antonieta Rivas Mercado, defender of women´s rights and promoter of education for the lowest socio-economic level.

Called by many, the Mexican “Gone with the Wind”, the novel covers three transcendental decades in Mexican history: 1900 to 1931.

The story unfolds through the life of an extraordinary Mexican woman who defied tradition and class to bring change to her country and the ultimate price she paid for her quest.

The “scandalous” Antonieta consorted with the likes of Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo, Tina Modotti, Garcia Lorca, bullfighters, communists and Ambassadors.

She dared seek a divorce: her ill-fated marriage to Albert Blair, an Anglo-American revolutionary, and her obsession with a homosexual painter became Antonieta´s personal “vía crusis”.

In 1928 she entered the political arena and led the cause for women´s right to vote in the campaign of Presidential candidate, José Vasconcelos.


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